Leveraging our local presence and the ability to reach out to a network of enterprises and professionals covering most of the important sectors of the economy, GKA performs top quality primary market research. 

Newcomers to Indonesia business typically first try to develop their market entry strategies by ‘remote control’. Using regional or global headquarter level staffers to fly in and conduct preliminary due diligence, this is a proven formula for an ineffective means of obtaining an accurate and full picture of opportunities and risks.  Another typical approach is for corporates to invest in sending a skeleton staff of expatriates to set up an office in Indonesia, yet this often yields suboptimal results because they lack the in-country experience and understanding of the business landscape.  

Hence the advantage of engaging GKA–clients benefit by leveraging on our expertise and therefore avoiding a very costly and long learning curve.

Typical engagements include:

    • Conducting market research
    • Obtaining market intelligence
    • Developing market entry strategies
    • Providing business intelligence on competitor companies, individuals, suppliers and potential partners
    • Undertaking partnership screening and selection
    • Conducting security risk assessments in high-risk areas
    • Identifying and analyzing sovereign and regulatory risk issues
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