As part of our working with clients to achieve business success in Indonesia, we also utilize our high-level government networks and in-house experts for assisting multinational corporations with large expatriate staff in overcoming challenges to obtain their working permits and other work-related documents.   

Most of our clients use our services in cases where they face unexpected problems in obtaining working permits for critical expatriate staff such as CEOs, CFOs and technical specialists in functional areas and industries where there is a lack of local talent.   This is a structural challenge that, if left unaddressed, can leave a foreign company with a debilitating competitive disadvantage. 

We also provide high-value added manpower advisory services by assisting companies develop multi-year manpower plans to address expatriate staffing needs over the medium- to long-term.

    • RPTKA / Expatriate Manpower Utilization Plan
    • IMTA / Expatriate Employment Permit
    • VISA
    • KITAS / Temporary Stay Permit Card
    • KITAP / Permanent Stay Permit Card
    • Single Entry and Re-Entry Permit
    • Multiple Entry and Re-Entry Permit
    • Special / Extraordinary Cases
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