Many C-suite executives tell us stories about their frustration in trying to boost the performance of their government and local community relations teams based in Indonesia. 

Drawing upon decades of experience with CEOs and heads of government relations, we take a hands-on approach in helping our clients implement best practices in risk analysis and due diligence on key stakeholders.  We also have an excellent track record in working with our clients in developing and maintaining close relationships with key local government officials, community leaders, NGOs, media and national political figures.  Most of our government relations and local community engagements usually include one or typically more of the following types of advisory work:

    • Developing comprehensive stakeholder mapping and databases to enhance our clients’ understanding of the people who can impact their business
    • Conducting reputational audits to understand stakeholder perspectives and opinions about our clients’ companies and senior executives
    • Creating long-term strategies and implementation plans to improve the performance of our clients’ government relations divisions
    • Developing strategies to maximize the value our clients gain from their CSR and other government relations-related activities in terms of stakeholder support and positive media coverage
    • In-depth views on local community leaders and their ability to influence the business landscape
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