International companies sourcing agricultural products from Indonesia such as palm oil, rubber, cacao, and coffee now face strong brand reputational risks of being labeled as supportive of rainforest destruction and catastrophic fires. In response, companies and global banks working within the commodity sector have pledged to remove deforestation from their supply chains and investment portfolios.

With environmental performance now emerging as a prerequisite for market access and investment in the sector, businesses need to understand the potential environmental risks of their operations and investments in order to avoid damaging their brands and losing access to key markets, buyers, and investment partners.  It is also proven that not following best practices in environmental sustainability negatively affects share price, revenues and profitability.

Our work in this area includes:

    • Due diligence on agribusinesses investment opportunities.
    • Assessment of commodity supply chains
    • Supplier screening
    • Environmental risk reduction strategy development
    • Environmental compliance assessment
    • Development and accounting of forest-based verified emission reductions
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