GKA partners, James Van Zorge and Sunny Yoon have regularly been interviewed and have written articles on Indonesian politics, economics and business for the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Bloomberg, Time Magazine, The Far Eastern Economic Review, Jakarta Globe and Jakarta Post. Click on the link to read article or download in pdf format:

2017 April 18 – Tycoon Looks to Oust Jokowi’s Key Ally in Jakarta in Test Run for 2019  download (pdf) or read on Bloomberg

2016 Aug 10 –  A Reform Reboot In Indonesia? download (pdf)

2015 Jan 14 – Handicapping Indonesia’s Presidential Pick download (pdf)

2014 Jul 08 – Indonesia: The Governor vs. the General download (pdf)

2013 Oct 02 –  The Myth of Indonesia’s Resource Nationalism download (pdf)

2013 Aug 14 –  Indonesia’s Self-Inflicted Economic Woes download (pdf)

2013 Jun 5 – Waiting for Indonesian Leadership download (pdf)