With over a century of combined local experience, GKA founders and strategic partners have a long, successful track record in lobbying, government relations, political risk advisory, management consulting and finance. Based in Jakarta, our combined capabilities enable us to assist clients step-by-step in accessing key decision-makers in local and national government, developing strategies to influence key stakeholders, build stronger relations with local communities, mitigate operational and political risk, procure large government contracts, resolve challenging government permit issues related to manpower and immigration, take advantage of our unmatched natural resource intelligence services and successfully address environmental risk and sustainability compliance requirements.


Our corporate brand is based on a famous Greek legend that is relevant to how we help clients in Indonesia, which is well known for being an extraordinarily challenging place to do business but also can offer substantial rewards with the right strategy and people on the ground.

The legend refers to Gordius, who was a peasant married to the fertility goddess, Cybele. When Gordius became king of Phrygia, he dedicated his chariot to Zeus and fastened it to a pole tied with an impregnable knot. Although the knot was supposedly impossible to unravel, an oracle predicted that the future king of Asia would untie it. Many individuals came to the city of Gordium to try to undo the knot, but they all failed. Then, according to tradition, the Greek conqueror Alexander the Great visited the city in 333 B.C. After searching unsuccessfully for the hidden ends of the Gordian knot, Alexander became impatient. In an unexpected move, he took out his sword and cut through the knot. Alexander then went on to conquer Asia, thus fulfilling the oracle’s prophesy.

Would you like us to help your company unravel the Gordian Knot and become a market leader in Indonesia?